El Hierro Dive Log

Brief Excerpts from my Dive Log

“EL Hierro”

16/3/01 “Punta La Restinga” 37m 43 mins

(09:15) 5 minutes boat ride. Shot line to 10 m. Dropped off to 40m. Immediate impressions – warmer than Tenerife. Rocks covered in growth. Hence fish everywhere. Large Grouper and bass, jacks, trumpet fish. Ascended through long narrow gorge. Plenty of life, even at 5m. Stop. Lovely dive.

16/3/01 “Cueva De Les Jureles” (Cave of the Jacks) 37m 41 mins

(1130) Lovely contrasts and colours. School of amberjacks emerged from a cave at 35m. 2 Groupers accompanied us for most of the dive. Lovely boulder field at 5m, small caves, crayfish, bream, parrotfish etc…

17/3/01 “El Bajon” 35m 47mins

(0900) WOW! Pinacle rising from 90m to 9m. Similar to “Ras Mohammed”. Circumnavigated the pinnacle at 35m. Large barracuda, huge grouper everywhere, garrfish, grunt, trigger, glasseye, bass, bream.

17/3/01 “El Desierto” (desert) 36m 55mins

(1135) Furthest site (10 mins!) Beautiful bay with sheer cliffs. 2 large porcupine fish, golden spotted snakefish, moray, lovely terrain for “safety stop”. Series of gullies and small caves.

18/3/01 “El Arco” (The Arch) 45m 40mins

(0915) Lovely arch at 40m with shoal of large seabass permanently posing for super photo opportunity. Black coral, zebra bream, morays galore. Gradual ascent along sheer wall. Long leisurely swim over shallow undulating plateau with lots of life.

18/3/01 “The Limit” 36m 55mins

(1145) At the limit or edge of the Marine Reserve. We meet “Napoleon” the extraordinarily friendly resident grouper. Stroke him, tickle his chin, feel his teeth! Amazing!!

Reluctant farewells to El Hierro.

I’ll be back !