Golden Oldies Diving Society

Its time had come. Diving in Ireland is only a generation or so old. For reasons as diverse as dry suits, Dive Centre facilities, comfortable, hard hull dive boats, a more active and affluent greying population, replaceable body parts, etc….etc…

There are many divers out there who have been around for anything from 14 to 40 years and are still enjoying their sport.

The term “Golden Oldies” became loosely attached by Shane Gray in recent years to the divers who joined Ollie and himself regularly on dive holidays abroad – to distinguish them from groups going abroad with sons Breffni, Cillian.

Informal GODS’ get togethers over a number of years followed in Kilkee, including a semi-coherent committee meeting of sorts conducted between eating and drinking during hours of the night uniquely available in Kilkee for such activities.

Nobody can recall who was elected to office, though the process took hours to conduct, in the best traditions of sub-aqua clubs.


While golfers generally are members of Clubs and play mostly at their clubs, many also play on outings with Golfing Societies from time to time.

Similarly, there are experienced divers in most Dive Clubs around the country who would welcome an opportunity, now and again, to dive in different and perhaps new locations with different and perhaps new buddies, as well as renewing acquaintances with old dive buddies

A number of week-end island dive safaries to Bofin, Clare ,Turk and Ins Meain are organized annually as well as warm water winter holidays and an annual dinner. The objectives are to provide good diving, good dinning, good wining and good craic.

In addition to these organised Outings members may wish to contact each other for additional individual outings & a list of members and contact information is available in regular newsletters.

A modest annual subscription of 10 Euros was stuck in 2002 and has stuck to cover administration costs ! It is a non-profit project. A programme of Outings for this season has been circulated; similar programmes will be arranged annually. Membership is open to all and the age thing should not put off would-be younger GODS. Senior craic is assured.


Aspiring GODS should contact the secretary, Shane Gray –
Email:   [email protected]
Phone: (Summer) 086 604 9836 (Winter) 00 34 922 719 261

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