We offer one week guided walking holidays to The Hidden Canaries – the islands of La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro

Companionship, pleasure, excercise, the thrill of high mountains, a touch of adventure and great party spirit. These are the ingredients walkers seek and we offer in the islands of Tenerife, El Hierro and La Palma.

Add in spectacular scenery, breathtaking views, glorious weather wonderful food and wine and …well, just send us your deposit now!!



The most Westerly and most remote of the Canary Islands is a complete contrast to the busy bustle of Tenerife.

Only 25 miles long, the island has an incredible concentration of natural forms, with over 1,000 volcanic craters, magnificent pine forests and juniper trees hundreds of years old and thrashed into grotesque shapes by Atlantic gales.

The high central plateau, a patchwork of green fields divided by dry stone walls could be the West of Ireland. Thousand metre sheer slopes afford magnificent views downward of the sunny sub-tropical paradise below.

To the West is La Dehesa ( the pasture) and a vast sweep of bananas, pineapples, papaya, almonds, avocado figs and of course vines from which the fine “Frontera” wines are produced.

Not surprisingly the islands economy is based on fruit growing, fishing and livestock. And not surprisingly, with no influx of tourists, the islanders are the friendliest of all the Canarians.

For complete relaxation in a “no news, no shoes” unspoilt little island this is it!

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“La Isla Bonita” – the Pretty Island, is not pretty, it’s simply gorgeous!

Grandiose forests,verdant valleys, elegant architecture from Spain’s golden age and dramatic volcanic cliffs rising steeply to 2,500m combine to make this a wonderful walking destination.

It’s possible to drive to the summit and enjoy spectacular ridge walks without the upward slog! It is the only island in the archipelago with rivers and streams that flow year round.

* Limited places; trips in April / May only


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The third of The Hidden Canaries is the second smallest and surely the most untamed island in the archipelago.

Fifty deep-cut gorges slice the island likea cake ontheir journey to the sea. Some valleys boast picturesque palm groves, cultivated terraces and small villages. The mountainous areas are dominated by magnificent laurel forests.

Altogether a walking paradise. We offerapartment based holidays in February and a special “Luxury in La Gomera” holiday in May based in the beautiful hotel Jardin Tecina (view www.jardin-tecina.com)



One week escorted walking holidays are available for groups and individuals from October to May.

Book your Tenerife flights online early with Ryanair or Aer Lingus and avail of lower than ever fares. Holiday includes all ferries, transfers and transport, accomodation and daily guided walks.

Price €445 Euros.

For information, contact Shane now by Email: sdwtenerife@gmail.com